Face ProtectionGeneral Concepts

Protection against impact and radiation

The focus of the facial protection is on protecting the face (from the front to the chin) of two primary risks:

• Impact of particles (solid and liquid).

• Radiation generated by visible light and by ultraviolet (UV) and infrared (IR) (both invisible).

Wide variety of products for facial protection

We all understand the function of the face shield in impact protection, it is intuitive; not so against the radiation generated by the sun or industrial processes such as high temperature furnaces, electric or gas welding, UV lamps, etc.

Because they are made of optical grade polycarbonate, all LIBUS visors absorb more than 99.9% of UV radiation.

With the tonalization of the viewer, it is also possible to absorb different areas of the light spectrum (visible, UV and IR), preventing unwanted radiation from reaching the face.

With the metallization of the visor it is possible to improve its performance in high temperature tasks.

LIBUS also offers screens with plastic or metal mesh oriented to forest applications.

The line is completed with different models of support suitable for the entire line of facials and armed kits.