Protective EyewearGeneral Concepts


LIBUS offers a wide variety of safety goggles and goggles and all the necessary information for a correct choice according to your requirements.

The focus of eye protection is on protecting the eyes from two primary risks:

• Impact of particles (solid and liquid).

• Radiation generated by visible light and by ultraviolet (UV) and infrared (IR) (both invisible).

We all understand the function of the eyepiece in the protection against impacts, it is intuitive; not so against the radiation generated by the sun or industrial processes such as high temperature furnaces, electric or gas welding, UV lamps, etc.

Because they are made of optical grade polycarbonate, all LIBUS safety glasses and goggles absorb more than 99.9% of UV radiation.

With the tonalization of the lens, it is also possible to absorb different areas of the light spectrum (visible, UV and IR), preventing unwanted radiation from reaching the eye.


It is primarily designed to protect the eye from frontal or lateral impact of particles up to 45 meters per second (150 feet per second).

When the lens is tinted or colored, in addition to its impact performance, it protects the eye from harmful electromagnetic radiation.


They form a protective seal around the eyes. There are basically two types:

Impact: protect from direct impact or large particles.

They are direct ventilation.

Chemical: they are of indirect ventilation or slotted to hinder the entrance of liquids. They protect from splashes.


Colorless: general use.
Yellow: the yellow lens blocks the blue color of the visible light spectrum, increasing the contrast and depth perception. Indicated for tasks in environments with low light level. It is not recommended for use in bright light environments or when accurate color recognition is required.
Smoke gray: indicated for outdoor use where sunlight can cause eyestrain. Provides good color recognition.
Green: provides protection to reflections and UV radiation. Not suitable for welding tasks.
Dark Green W3: meets the requirements of ANSI Z87.1 for shade W3.
Dark Green W5: meets the requirements of ANSI Z87.1 for shade W5.
Orange BL: filters the violet and blue light present in the emission of UV lamps. Absorbs visible light up to 540nm. Applications: dentistry, medicine, laboratories, UV curing of coatings and inks.


Mirror (E): metallic film that reflects a large part of the incident light. Indicated for outdoor use with intense reflections of sunlight.
Anti-fogging (AF): film resistant to condensation of moisture on the lens.
Outdoor / Indoor (O/I): slightly metallic film that attenuates sunlight, maintaining an adequate performance with artificial light. Suitable for personnel who usually perform their tasks alternating between environments with artificial light and bright natural light.
Anti-scratch (HC): film that protects the lens from natural deterioration by daily manipulation, prolonging its useful life and improving vision.